SQUAD statement


     The Dobson Rescue Squad has been active and providing rescue and emergency medical services to Dobson and Surry County areas since August 12, 1981. In the past year alone, we have responded to 1,012 calls. These calls include medical, rescue, and community service events. Our rescue squad is not tax base supported. This means that we do not receive money from your taxes like the fire departments. Most people don't ever think about these issues until it affects their life. We offer our services free of charge and our calls are run purely on a volunteer basis. We are the ones that respond to the overturned car with your loved one trapped inside, gunshot to the chest, grandma that has fallen and can't get up, or a child not breathing in the middle of the night. We love our community and the people that live in it and that is why we volunteer our services for no payment in return.

     The Dobson Rescue Squad is a proud member of SCARS (Surry County Association of Rescue Squads), The NC Association of Rescue & Emergency Medical Services, and also The United Fund of Surry County.

     We have members certified in Agricultural Rescue, Vehicle Extrication, Water Rescue, and Emergency Medical. Included on our roster of members is four Critical Care Paramedics, four EMT-Intermediates, ten EMT-Basics, five Medical Responders, and eight of these members also have specialty Rescue Technician Certification with the state of North Carolina.


Calls Ran this Year:1012

Number of Members: 25

Number of Officers: 8

Active Board Members: 16


***New Member Drive***

Looking for people at least 18 years of age that are interested in helping others and making a difference.

Contact us at 336-374-4100